Natural Ingredient as a Healthy Choice

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Guarana as innovation to The Fore

Guarana is a creeping shrub native to the Amazon. It is well known for its stimulant and thermogenic action to increase mental alertness. Guarana has the same function as caffeine which is up to 4-8% caffeine content. Fuhermore, Guarana has chocolate taste that comes from its other components, which makes Guarana preferable than other energizing products. Haldin Guarana seeds are freshly from Guarana's largest growing country in Brazil. Haldin produces high quality Guarana extract with distinctly unique top note, body and taste. The strength points are cheaper prices than cocoa and the taste is good.

From internal sharing, my partner told that Guarana could be product substitution of cocoa which could be cultivated be many kinds of convectionary products, such as chocolate, soft candy and beer. If you want the sample or new formula, contact us.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Do you familiar with pandan flavor??

What do you think about pandan flavor? Have you been familiar with the taste? As Indonesian people, we can find pandan flavor in traditional cakes. Based on my research, Pandan flavor is been new product and development in food-beverage industry. It's can mix with milk, soy milk, crackers, ice cream, bakery, etc. Which one do you like?? How about new idea to mix with pandan flavor?
As a supplier of natural ingredient, Haldin have developed Pandan essense using new spray dried technology to be Powder Extract which is can be applicated in many food and beverage industry. The strength are in the odor, taste and shelf time periods. So, If you interest, just mail to :

Please,Tell about your experience in consume pandan flavor..